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Shattered Ice

There is a magical time of year, given cold, calm conditions, when the lakes in our mountain parks can freeze like a sheet of glass. On one such frigid night, I explored the surface of one of the Vermilion Lakes, outside of the Town of Banff. For this scene, I picked a mountaineering axe into the surface of the lake. The shards of ice caught the light from my headlamp, and appear to mimic the stars and the Orion constellation as it rises past Mount Rundle and hangs over Sulphur Mountain.


Banff has a rich and storied history of Mountaineering. Certainly it was once more more difficult to travel than it is now, but adventures abound for the willing. Although this axe is circa 1940s, its sturdy oak and steel construction still hold up. It has accompanied me on a few adventures to date, and hopefully more to come!


-All prints are hand signed and titled

-Printed on a high quality pearl luster photo paper

-Produced in standard sizes, ready to mount, frame, or hang to your liking

-8"x10" photos are flat packed

-12"x18" photos are shipped in a roll tube


Shattered Ice

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