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Star Trails over Castle Mountain

There is hidden beauty in the processes of the world around us, but they often happen too slowly for us to recognize that they exist. We might take the stars for granted, but what is visible to us changes throughout the year, and even over the dark hours of a single night. Polaris, our North Star, proudly sits at the spin axis of Earth. As a result, its celestial companions appear to rotate around it. In this image, 70 minutes of exposure are captured, revealing the total rotation of our planet over the course of this time. I am fascinated by this hidden beauty and how it interacts with our world in a landscape setting. Here, the iconic Castle Mountain thrusts up from behind the Bow River, reflected in a small pool left behind by the ever changing riverbank.


-All prints are hand signed and titled

-Printed on a high quality pearl luster photo paper

-Produced in standard sizes, ready to mount, frame, or hang to your liking

-8"x10" photos are flat packed

-12"x18" photos are shipped in a roll tube

Star Trails over Castle Mountain

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