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Applebee Dome Under the Stars

Many of the most intrepid adventurers in the Bugaboos will stay at Applebee Dome, a high camp set on a beautiful granite shoulder. It would be idyllic, if not for the frequent storms, whipping winds, and often frigid nights, which flippantly ignore the season.


A rare chance to enjoy this place on a calm and clear night was a pleasure, and welcomed between hard days in the mountains. Many campers here do not get to rest on such a night; the opportunity to climb stunning alpine routes in the surrounding mountains may not come again. Alarms go off at all hours, and the sounds of gear getting checked, counted, packed, and racked becomes background. The glimmer of headlamps will appear and fade in distant, unlikely places on the faces, peaks, and cols. Perhaps one day this tent will spend the night alone on the dome, as my headlamp glimmers to someone else's eyes.


-All prints are hand signed and titled

-Printed on a high quality pearl luster photo paper

-Produced in standard sizes, ready to mount, frame, or hang to your liking

-8"x10" photos are flat packed

-12"x18" photos are shipped in a roll tube

Applebee Dome Under the Stars

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