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Drifting in the Bugaboos

Looking onto the majesty of Houndstooth and Snowpatch Spires is not easily forgettable. These peaks only hint at the glory of the range of granite peaks that seem to burst from glaciated fields in the high alpine of Bugaboo Provincial Park. Endless adventure irresistibly lure brazen adventurers to beautiful, aesthetic alpine routes high above the ice and snow. One might dream of such adventures, but perhaps dreams are not reserved only for the brave; serenity certainly has a place in a version of perfection. On a clear night without a breath of wind, the stars rise above the Bugaboos, reflected on this pond. It is a small pond; if you were to step aboard the ripples would reach all shores. It serves its purpose, as we are not here to paddle so much as we are here to drift.


-All prints are hand signed and titled

-Printed on a high quality pearl luster photo paper

-Produced in standard sizes, ready to mount, frame, or hang to your liking

-8"x10" photos are flat packed

-12"x18" photos are shipped in a roll tube

Drifting in the Bugaboos

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