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Mighty Mount Robson Under the Stars

Mount Robson proudly dominates its surroundings. I am told that it rarely shows its highest point, which does not often reveal itself from among the clouds which its prominence helps create. This is what I'm told; I have personally only witnessed perfection in a place that seems modelled after an idealist's backcountry paradise. Cutting through the darkness, the intermittent collapsing of tormented ice broke the silence of a perfect night. Sounding somewhere between the crackling crash of a falling tree and the reverberating clap of thunder, it is easy to believe that the mountain was expressing itself. Certainly, if it had a personality, Robson was showing kindness and forgiveness on a warm September night.


-All prints are hand signed and titled

-Printed on a high quality pearl luster photo paper

-Produced in standard sizes, ready to mount, frame, or hang to your liking

-8"x10" photos are flat packed

-12"x18" photos are shipped in a roll tube

Mighty Mount Robson Under the Stars

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